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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
132461-NEW2018Western Star5700XEDetroit  DD16  60082" Single BunkDT12-OA-1850Call!
T-1328282018VANGUARDR8000B    Call!
1344372018Western Star5700 XEDetroit  DD15  50568" StratospherRTLO16913ACall!
129671--NEW2017FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD15  50572XTDT12 ODCall!
132535--NEW2017FreightlinerM2 106Detroit  DD5  2302500HSCall!
T-129302--NEW2016WILSONAF1080    $45,900
129029-NEW2016FreightlinerM2-106 Day CabCummins  ISL  3303000 EVSCall!
127469--NEW2016FreightlinerM2 106 DAY CABCummins  ISL 330  3303000 EVSCall!
1344512014FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD-13  43560" Raised Roof10 Speed $56,500
1289942013KenworthT800PACCAR  MX  48562" Aerocab F/T13 Speed $52,900
1299152013Peterbilt386CUMMINS  ISX  45070" ULTRACAB13 Speed $55,500
1302012013Peterbilt386Cummins  ISX15  45070" ULTRACAB13 Speed $55,500
1315372013KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  55072" Adyne/ACab18 Speed $58,000
T-1332812013Wilson    $22,900
1332172013KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  45013 Speed $49,900
1332182013KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  45013 Speed $49,900
1336332013FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD15  45573" Stand-Up13 Speed $58,500
1335722013FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD15  45573" Stand-Up13 Speed $59,500
133630-C2013FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD-15  50573" Stand-UpAUTOCall!
1199392013Western Star4900SACUMMINS  ISX  50060"10 SpeedCall!
129562-C2012KenworthT660PACCAR  MX  48562" Aerocab F/T13 Speed $39,500
133251-C2012KenworthT700CUMMINS  ISX  450Single10 Speed $34,500
125773-C2012FreightlinerCASCADIADetroit  DD-15  50513 Speed $42,000
134402-C2012Peterbilt587PACAR    45513 Speed $29,900
1289712011KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  45072" Adyne/ACab13 Speed $29,500
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